Sept 2016


Exactly a year ago I went to a show at a diner here in Nashville. The night was already special because my high school besty Nikki was in town and I wanted to take her out. We met at my place and started driving into town. Two things would change my life that night.

First thing that occurred is I almost hit a pit bull puppy, pulled over to check on him, got out of my car to embrace him and then took him back to my house. My other two dogs Copper and Macy (which were usually skeptical creatures) embraced him and immediately they all began to cuddle on the big dog bed. Needless to say, we named him Dude and after confirming nobody wanted him back, he became ours. Fast forward to the present and its been a very tough year because we've lost both Copper and Macy, but having Dude eases our pain and has brought us so much doggy comfort.  

Second thing is I met a director named Emily Kai Bock at the show. I hadn't been out on the town in a while, and I was excited that my main taylor at AW Studio, Tyler Davis, was playing with his band Chrome Pony. I was talking around a wet smokey fire before the show and literally through the billows of smoke Emily appeared. With smoke irritating her eyes she said "Hey, have you ever acted before?" I had a lot of thoughts about the situation - like is this person a shaman or a film student? But as she promised, her producer wrote me and within the next two days I was casted as the lead role in her short film 'Funeral For Lightning.' Shooting the film was emotionally exhausting and exhilarating, and changed my life. 

This coming week I leave for Toronto International Film Festival where Emily's short film starring yours truly will be premiering. Take a look - it's real:

You can view clips here and support the film here


Hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of fall.... I sure am

xo annie



Annie Williams