CO Times with Old Friends

Ben and I had the priviledge to venture to the Rockies for some R&R and to hang with some old college pals while they exchanged nuptuals. After the wedding we spent 2 days of their honeymoon with them in Winter Park, CO. Our lives would be so much more empty without the presence of our friend Cody. To travel through time and space for years only to return to have the same ease of living around Cody is a blessing and not something we take for granted. Cody recently survived an intense accident at the end of the summer while working as a smoke jumper fighting forest fires. He's on the other end now and was able to hike and enjoy the mountains with us after getting hitched. 

I feel so blessed we were able to start the year breathing fresh cold air and existing in the mountains for a week. Thank you Cody and Megan - and congrats! :)




Annie Williams