House Build

Building our home is longest and most emotionally intense project my husband and I have been apart of. When we began clearing a plot of wild woods on the side of a hill in 2013, I was willingly ignorant at what it might take to make it a home. After two years of scratching away at the land, fighting with the Tennessee codes office and finally securing a loan- Ben and I will be moving in to a section of our self built home. Ben has been running a finish-carpentry sub-contracting gig for 3 years, but this is the first time he has built a house start to finish. He is building us a timber frame home with straw bale walls. Local arborist Aaron Anderson has cut down and milled enough trees from Nashville front yards to supply us with our timbers. As I type this journal entry, Ben is sitting on the couch watching a straw bale building how-to video (the walls will go up next week). He has been teaching himself new things throughout this process but he also has valuable information learned from interning with a Taos based community called Earthships. We'll be implementing elements they use like rain cisterns for house water and roof pitches angled for thermal mass heating and cooling. To simplify it, we will be constructing a rectangle greenhouse on a deck with thick walls.

The relief in this long winter building season has been riding dirt bikes every free second. The trails are starting to get super fun and we have access to good riding attached to our land. Ben and some friends even uncovered an old motocross track deep in the woods on our neighbor's land adjoining ours. It's a gold mine of fun.

I can't wait to write the journal entry that includes pictures of a finished house. Thanks for reading!



Annie WilliamsComment